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These guys will tell you how to shoot free throws. First, you'll need a routine. Relax and take a breath, dribble and spin the ball. They’ll say you should square up, bend your knees, hold the ball in your finger and a whole lot of other stuff. Then they'll add three other hints for great free throw shooting: practice, practice, practice.

Okay, we get it. But it’s more fun when the ball comes back to the shooter. A great shot deserves a returned ball. Now there's BALLBACK to help the free throw shooter. It kicks the ball back to the free throw line...for another shot.
Our RIM SKIN provides a tighter target - to hone your aim. You’ll want the benefit of both. They’ll help you become a great free-throw shooter. And you’ll have more fun.
We have other products... to store balls neatly and display any game ball woth bragging about.  

Here's a video all about the Ballback
basketball ball returns.

Watch our video to understand the advantage of Ballback. The inventor was tired of chasing the ball. He thought a free throw shooter deserved a reward – a returned ball. Ballback fits all standard home rims – without tools.  Now it’s better than ever- stronger, with more body (a spine). Add a Rim Skin tighter target and you’ll start bragging about free throw shooting and hitting 80% from any free throw line.

Free throw shooting

            Basketball being one of the most popular sports in America is not only enjoyed as a spectator sport, but it is also enjoyed by many as a great physical past time.  Some play on team leagues and play competitively but that is not the only way to enjoy basketball, some prefer just to be a free throw shooter just simply shooting the ball at the hoop and try to get it in. Free throw shooting is a great way to better your skill at basketball because the better you are at free throw shooting the better you will be at basketball in general.
     A very fun thing to do with your friends is to have a free throw contest to see who can get the most points, this is a very fun way to enjoy the sport with others who may not  know all the rules of normal basketball and just want to have some fun free throw shooting, but if you are wanting to get better at free throw shooting your not only going to need practice but you are going to need to know how to shoot free throws properly to begin with.
      The main thing one must do if they are wanting to increases their free throw shooting skill is to do research on how to shoot free throws with proper technique. Free throws may be one of the easiest shots in basketball to make because no one is blocking you, but if you don't know the proper technique your free throw shooting percentage wont be anything to brag about. So if you are wanting to take your free throw shooting percentage to the next level like Kobe Bryant then you will be needing to know the right technique and a lot of practice. 

Here's my personal tip.  Get a Ballback ball return to improve your shooting skill. And stop chasing the ball! 

Ballback Ball Return Products

Its amazing how technology has managed to positively creep into everything and sports equipment has not been left out. The Ballback Ball Return Products are incredible innovations that have made basketball practice easier and more fun.

A simple technology invented by Tom Kershaw has tuned out to be an outstanding practice companion for many basketball players - from novice hoop shooters to professional basketball players. The simplicity is also projected to its installation, because there is absolutely no skill required to mount it on the basketball rim.   And then, you don’t have to chase after the ball.

How the Ballback Ball Return Products Work....

The inventor notes that there have been some patented improvements added to the original Ballback ball return. This gadget is slipped over the rim without tools and fits on any standard home rim. It’s made of a plastic compound that is resistant to extreme sunlight and cool temperatures making it tough, resilient and attractive for extended use and abuse.
Just snap it on your rim and you are good to go. It kicks the ball back to the shooter. Usually one bounce to the free throw line and two bounces to the three pointer area.

Advantages of Ballback Ball Return Products...

Gone are the days when you had to chase after the ball after making a shot. Now you can practice without an extra hand to help you chase the ball. Some of the great advantages of the Ballback Ball Return Products are:

Enhanced Basketball Free Throw Skills…
Free throw requires a great deal of concentration, but it’s hard to do when you have to chase after the ball every time you take a shot. In order to make perfect basketball goals, you need an effective basketball return product that feeds you the ball. You then keep your level of concentration for the next shot.

This ball return device allows you to practice better trajectory from the free throw line, which is essential when taking a free throw shot.  In addition, you conserve energy for longer shooting practice sessions courtesy of this incredible basketball machine since you don’t have to run around after the ball.

Better Basketball shooting skills…

This ball return machine was invented and patented solely for improving your basketball shooting skills during pleasurable practice. It helps you have better posture when taking basketball shots.  You get a reward after making the shot. The ball comes back to you. The beauty of this product is that you can actually practice without a companion to help you fetch the ball after making a shot. Now you can concentrate on repeated routine, posture, stroke and follow-through of your shots.  You can set your own appropriate shooting practice time to help you advance your shooting skills. You don’t need another player.  Best of all, you don’t have to chase after the ball. You take more shots. You score more.  You have more fun.

More Fun with a Ballback ball return…
Playing basketball is fun and it’s so easy to practice. You can do it alone, anytime in your own driveway.  The Ballback basketball return only increases the fun. You get a great reward when the shot goes through the basketball rim.  That’s when the ball comes back to you.

For some players scoring shots is the whole point of playing basketball fun. Others want to hone their skills for personal satisfaction. But let’s face it, most kids just want to have fun. Trouble is, we don’t always have a playmate.  The Ballback ball return can be a great companion, feeding you a returned ball in reward for a great shot. What could be better than having a Ballback basketball return on your home rim....get yours today.