Free Throw Shooting Tips - Dell & MJ

 Dell Curry was a great Free-Throw Shooter.


Free Throw Shooting Concepts with Dell Curry

The goal of every basketball player is to see the ball through the basketball rim, after all, this is the only way to score a goal in this game, but all this is not possible if you have not honed your basketball shooting skills and gotten the right concepts in free throw shooting.

According to Dell Curry, a retired American basketball player, with a rather remarkable basketball resume, having been an all time leading scorer of the Charlotte Hornets, free throw shooting can be a great determinant in wining or losing a basketball game.

Tips for Basketball Free Throw Shooting

If you have already gathered all the basketball equipment required for the game, then you are set to go on a basketball shooting drill. Basketball free throw is a great way to improve on your overall shooting skills because there is no defense and your sole concentration is on the rim.

Dell Curry believes that free throw shooting should consist of there major shooting drill concepts:

1.       Comfort

He explains that repetition enhances your shooting skills. This can only be done if you carry out routine practice as this makes you comfortable when you are in the actual game situation. When you want to shoot a free throw, centre yourself to the basket and keep your eye on the rim. He further explains that a routine dribble a couple of times works on your comfort level, though some are comfortable without the dribbling part.

2.       Confidence

A great deal of confidence is required if you want that well polished shot. Dell Curry states that confidence is all in the mindset. When you step on that free throw line, get a comfortable position, focus on the target, take deep breaths and take that shot.

3.       Practice

Constant practice puts you at 86% chance of scoring a basketball shot according to Dell Curry. Just like tennis ball, there are so many basketball sporting goods to help you out, including the basketball machine to control ball returns as you practice your free throw shooting.

Dell Curry explains that constant practice helps you get comfortable and boosts your confidence level when it comes to the real game, and if you don’t attain this, and your opponents discover, they might put you on the line to get you out of your comfort zone.

A well repeated routine in free throw shooting will maximize your chances of scoring for your team.

               Michael Jordan Has Free-Throw Tips.

Better Basketball Shooting Skills: Michael Jordan’s Free Throw Tips
A perfect basketball shot requires a great deal of expertise, and the perfect way to better your basketball shooting skills is by watching a free basketball video featuring an unmatched basket ball player of all times.
The legendary Michael Jordan is known for his remarkable free throw shooting skills, unique style and an absolutely great shooting record in the history of basketball. Here is an opportunity for you to get first hand tips for basketball shooting, Michael Jordan’s style.

Basketball Free Throw Tips

A free throw is basically a chance to score a single point via an unopposed throw from the free throw line. In the video, Michael Jordan explicitly explains how you can fully utilize that opportunity to earn your team a point.
Some key areas highlighted in the video are;
1.       Focus
Michael Jordan clearly states that a free shot is one of the most difficult shots in basketball, mainly because there is no defense, so there is need for you to stay focused and understand the fundamentals of free shot throw. You need to be comfortable and relaxed before stepping on the free throw line to make the shot. The only way to reach for the rim is to place all your focus on the rim as the only target.
2.       Basic Fundamentals of the Free Throw Shot
These are basic skills that can be applied to any other shot in basketball. For that perfect shot, keenly follow and apply the following tips:
Though the normal routine when making a shot is having your shoulder width with the legs, and right foot in front of the left, Michael Jordan’s trick is to get a good balance and once you are set, backspin the ball and then dribble the ball three times before making the shot. Keep in mind that bending your knees is essential in propelling your body in the air and in expelling all your energy towards the target. A perfect shot should always finish on the toes.
Ball Grip
Always hold the ball with your strong arm at a right angle and the other hand should be used as a guide. Ideally, the ball should be held using more of the fingers tips than the palm to enable you fully control the basketball, there should be space between the ball and the palm. Once in mid air, pull the stronger of your arms back and then extend the shooting arm in the direction of the hoop and only leave the ball when your arm is fully extended.

Perfect Free Throw Shots

More shots means more points for your team, all this can be achieved through constant practice. Michael Jordan clearly points out that constant practice with the mental thought of the game will enable you take a perfect shot when placed in such a situation.

More Information on How to Better your Basketball Shooting Skills

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